How to use either led grow light or fluorescent lighting works best for plants ?

5 quick tips Light for indoor plants !

Tip Number One: Tip Number One most plants can’t stand full direct sunlight for long periods of time what can happen if they’re standing in direct sunlight is that the leaves can get burned and the plant can get stressed it gets stressed because when that direct sunlight hits those leaves the plant has to start drinking and it has to start transporting a lot of water to keep its temperature and all of the focus is just going on keeping that temperature within the plant so it cannot focus on anything else it cannot grow it cannot produce new roots it’s just trying to survive it gets stressed

Tip Number Two: Tip number two some plants can be placed in a darker spot now if you have a plant in a darker spot and you see that the new leaves that are usually a little bit more light green but they continue being light green they never change to being the same color as the older leaves then you know that you need to place it somewhere where it’s brighter because what has happened here is that the plant cannot photosynthesize as it wants to it has actually it’s lacking chlorophyll which means that it’s not getting that dark dark green color.
Tip Number Three:  Tip number three if you haven’t got enough light in your house or apartments for your plants you can add an extra lighting source now it’s our recommendation that you use either led grow light  or fluorescent lighting it’s our experience that those two types of extra light works best for plots you  can do or don’t need to go out and buy a specific plant light system it is our experience that it’s more important on  how far away from the plants you put that extra light source then which type of light source you use.

Tip number four:  if you choose to add an extra light source for your plants other than a window then make sure that that light source is on during the day most plants just follow the natural 24-hour cycle of the earth and if you push your plants and try to make it grow all 24 hours a day you’re actually going to stress that plant and that stress could lead to you getting pests or other problems so make sure that you add that light during 12 to 14 hours of the day.

Tip number five Tip number five by moving your plants closer to a window or a light source or further away from that light source you’re affecting the intensity the light intensity for the plot and you’re affecting it quite profoundly now light is often measured in light intensity is often measured in lux or looks lux is a measurement of illuminance meaning how much light is falling on a specific spot or a specific surface as you see here we have a very high intensity of lux next to the window but by moving away further from the window and just stopping at around three feet or one approximately one meter you have a huge difference a huge huge decrease in lux and if we keep on moving further into the room and stopping at around six feet or almost two meters you can see that the lux has continued to fall to very very low numbers so always be aware that as soon as you’re moving your plants around inside of your room inside of your house or apartment know that you are affecting the light intensity for that plot and just by moving it a little bit further from a light source or a window you’re decreasing that light quite, profoundly.

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