So now what? When you’re buying a new indoor plants !

5 quick tips when buying new indoor plants!

Tip Number One: Tip number one as with everything else you usually get what you pay for and quality in an indoor plant is actually quite important but why simply put a more expensive plant has probably been standing at the grower in the greenhouse for a longer period of time the longer it’s been standing in the greenhouse the more expensive that plant will be no matter if it’s the same variety the same size but how can someone get the same size in the same plant in a shorter period of time well the grower can stress the plant if it’s giving it the perfect environment and it’s not giving it any rest during the nights as well it’s pushing that plant to its limits it will look quite good however the plant will be stressed but it’s been standing a shorter period of time in the greenhouse that’s why you can buy it cheaper the problem with this is that when you get that plant that is stressed and you take it to your home where it’s not getting the perfect temperature the perfect nutrients the perfect watering the perfect humiditym then that stress plant will show you that it’s stressed and you will get problems so simply put buy quality plants from serious companies .

Tip Number Two:  Tip Number Two depending on what type of a plant you’re buying take a look at all of the different plants before you in the shop and look to see that you’re buying the one that has the most starters stocks or stems what i mean by that if you’re buying a vine plant like this here look to see how many starters how many stocks here that are coming out of the soil if you have one plant that only have maybe three or four starters and you have the same one for the same price that has five or six starters choose the one with the most amount of starters another example is here these two plants cost the exact same amount they’re the same size they’re in the same type of pot however if we look closely this one has one two three stems while this one only has two so choose the one that has the most amount of stems. 
Tip Number Three : Tip number three always take a look at the leaves when you’re buying any type of indoor plots take a look to see that there are no yellow leaves no burnt edges or tips or anything else that you can see is wrong with the leaves and take a good look because when you flip it over you could find some things here that you don’t like like this here so choose the one that doesn’t have any flaws on it and always always turn the leaves take a look at the underside of the leaf it’s usually here you will find if it has pests

Tip Number Four : Tip number four knock off the pot and take a look at the roots now many shops will not like it when you’re doing this but this is one of the best ways to check if you have a quality plant now what you do is that you take the pot and you gently squeeze the sides of the pot now what’s happening now is that when i compact the pot a little bit when the plastic turns turns out again the soil is still a little bit compacted so it will be easier for me to remove the pot without damaging the roots or the soil around the roots now when you’ve done that a couple of time you can also try and squeeze a little bit underneath the pot now if you have small hands use two hands and do the same thing down here because usually it’s down here you have the most roots and they can be a little bit root bound to the pot now then you try and just grab the plant and you wiggle it a little bit and then you take it out of the pot if possible and then you take a look at the roots now the roots should look something like this there should be lots of them if it’s a quality plant and they should be white or creamy white or a little bit yellowish what you don’t want is that when the roots are black or if they smell really bad then don’t pick that plant another tip is that if it is a little bit bigger of a pot and it doesn’t work by just squeezing the pot a little bit you could gently try and knock the pot what i mean by that is that you can hold the plant and just quite quickly knock the pot a little bit just make it a snappy move and it will come off and then you can take a look at the roots.

Tip Number Five: Tip number five try and cover your plants when you’re taking them home from the shop and it’s cold outside just wrap it in paper or plastic preferably paper since it’s more environmentally friendly like this because what happens then is that you are covering it from the extreme colds and the high winds that you can have outside when it’s cold so by just doing this you’re actually keeping it from getting damaged now .

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