How to grow your plants bigger and thicker ?

We like to start with a question myself now if I would want to be bigger thicker what would I do as a humans what do we do to get bigger fatter even well we eatand we eat and we eat and we we eat quite a lot the more wheat the bigger weget and it’s the same thing with plotsthe question here is what does a planteat when I make that question when I’m out making some speech or something usually I get the answer nutrients it’s a good answer but it’s wrong the plant does not eat nutrients that is not the food for the plant so what is the food for the plants well the food uses something that is called photosynthesis and that procedure creates the food for the plant and what is that what is the photosynthesis well you need a couple of things to make the photosynthesis first of all you need light preferably sunlight but artificial light works as well but you need a lot of lights and you need water and the third component in the photosynthesis is carbon dioxide so to produce the food for the plants it needs light water and carbon dioxide so what is it that it’s creating with this procedure what do we get out of it well what we get is actually this we get this this is the chemical formula for it c6 h-12 o-6 and what it’s actually is is that it’s glucose another way of saying sugar we get sugar now this the glucose this is the food for the plant if we want our plants to grow get bigger get thicker this is what the plant needs to eat and 

How do we make the plant get bigger ?

well we help it produce sugar and we do that by one add more light now that doesn’t mean add more direct sunlight . 

Because you can burn a plot but if you move a plant so that it gets a little bit more light than it got before that is one way to trigger because the photosynthesis will work easier so more light you will get more sugar and your plant will start to grow and it will become bigger we can add water but we only add water we can’t just continue to pour water in our pot if we have a closed system and we start to add more water what will happen is that the plant will die because you will get a lot of water in the bottom the roots will not be able to survive in that it won’t get any air and it will die it will not create more sugar but what we can do is that we can make sure that the plant has sufficient amount of water it always has a way to get the water one way is to put your plant in a self watering system where it always has access to water not too much water not too little water but the perfect amount of water that is one way another way is to use something like pumice there you get a perfect mixture of water and air inside of your container but make sure that it has sufficient amount of water that is the next thing to get more sugar now the third thing is carbon dioxide we have a ton of that in the air we don’t have to add more carbon dioxide because there is a lot of it in the air and if you add light and sufficient amount of water it will take the carbon dioxide from the air so you don’t have  to add that but there is an old old tale of that when you talk a lot with plants they will grow bigger and they will be more healthy and that is because you breathe out the carbon dioxide on the plants now we get something else here the plant gets sugar from this process but we also get something because we get oxygen this is not the complete chemical formula so you don’t have to write that down in this is just a simplified version of it so but we get oxygen so the plants or what keeps us alive here on earth it’s what and this process the photosynthesis it gives the plant suga it gives it food and it gives us oxygen because one of the things is that the plant releases oxygen in this process now this is what we know we need to create more sugar for the plants so moving on now we know how to create sugar this is the food for the plants what happens when we do this we give it more light we give it sufficient amount of water it has the carbon dioxide from the air it starts to grow and what happens is it gets more leaves on the plant when it grows it gets more leaves and the leaves we can call them solar panels because that’s exactly what they are the leaves are there to pick up the light and the carbon dioxide from the air so when you get more leaves you get more solar panels that can absorb more light and more carbon dioxide which means it can create even more sugars so when it’s growing it’s actually helping it self to grow even more but when it gets more leaves and it sucks up the the light and the carbon dioxide it also needs more water and the water comes from down here it comes from the roots and therefore we need a transport system we need something that can transport the water from the roots up to the leaves and then take the light and carbon dioxide the energy creating sugar take it down to the roots again so we need a transport system and that transport system . we can call it a highway because what happens if we have a highway where you just put in more cards more cones and more cones eventually that highway will not be big enough so what we do is that we add more lanes to the highway and it’s the same thing with the plots because when it gets more leaves it needs to move more water from the roots up and down the plant will automatically create more highways and what happens then is that the stems and the branches will start to get thicker it’s because it needs more of the highways to transport water and as that is happening more water is transporting inside of the system we get even more leaves we get more light and more carbon dioxide more water transport this is how you make your plant grow and get thicker and bigger by helping it create sugar so I think a lot of you are now saying but what about the nutrients everybody is telling me I have to add nutrients to my plants so if they weren’t food then what are they ok we’ll take humans again I usually compare compare it like this we humans we need food to survive and food for us is actually protein fat and carbohydrates that is food for us but we need something else we don’t need it to survive directly but in the long run we need vitamins as well the my vitamins helps us to stay healthy they helps us get a better bone structure better hair or whatever they help us to be healthier and it’s the same thing with the plants the nutrients are there to help the plant to do this process even better and the different types of nutrients that we add to the plant have different assignments in this process now usually we’re talking about NPK when we give nutrients now we have nitrogen phosphorus potassium nitrogen helps the plant to grow it helps the plant to create more leaves the phosphorus helps the plant to create a better root system it also helps it with creating buds flowers and fruits and the last thing is the potassium the potassium works to help the plant in all stages it helps with the highway inside of the plants it helps with the root system it helps a little bit everywhere now these are all of course very simplified but that is the main part that they do so when we add these nutrients it’s like when we are eating and getting our vitamins and minerals inside of us because we’re helping our bodies to be healthier to summarize if you want a healthier bigger fatter plant you need to give it more food the food is the photosynthesis light water carbon dioxide it which produces glycol glucose or in another word sugar that is the food if we can help the plant to create more food it would get thicker and we’ll get more healthier and then we add some nutrients to help with this problem to help create even more sugars that’s all for today.

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